March 13, 2006

Pimping Taxes

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For those who like to wager, consider betting on whether or not Iowa will ban the slot-like TouchPlay games that are popular in the state but...not so popular with those who don't like to actually see - or have their unsullied children witness - the horrifying spectacle of working stiffs dropping coins into such a machine at the local convenience store.

This is the same state that exported the wildly popular Powerball across the country. And this is the same state that used to raid dance halls and roadhouses in the 1930's, seize their illegal slot machines and smash them to pieces with sledge hammers, along with arresting the proprietors and sending them to prison. And 50 years later the state legislature would decide to go into the horse racing business, which was followed by permitting the opening of a 'limited' number of casinos.

One of the benefits of getting older is being able to see the same foolishness repeat itself. Because the TouchPlay's are now legal I'm tempted to think they'll be banned, or perhaps the geniuses who write laws will be able to draft a compromise ban of sorts that will get this issue out of their hair for awhile and give them time to come up with another way to squeeze tax money out of us.

Look for a lawsuit by the TouchPlay industry if the state goes for the ban. It might cost us a bundle but at least our precious children will be spared any further local degradation. Let them learn about the big bad world from TV. It's hard out there for a pimp, you know.
The state senate has voted to ban the machines. Sen Larry McKibben (R) called them the "worst form of child abuse". There's no shortage of meth parents and domestic violence so that was news to me. Next the Iowa House and the governor have their say.

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