March 08, 2006

Rainy Day at the Feedlot

The old feeder has run out of anything like work for the moment. Not that I lack irons in my miserable fire; I just can't get at them today. Search engines have always amazed me. Ten years ago I wrote a simple search engine Perl script that would find files on my server spaces. Boolean algebra always made more sense to my grotesquely dyslectic brain than the Euclidean. Search engines that accept Boolean queries provide a 'quality pastime' on rainy days here at the feedlot. At least it isn't as shameful as playing solitaire.

The news has been unusually rich with lurid tales of teachers having sex with their pupils, pederasts raping kiddies met on the internet, and folks having sex with animals. Blog posts about these pecados and peccadilloes are always popular, especially when accompanied by salacious or humiliating photos of the perpetrators. So I wrote this search query to help me keep track of which part of hell our handbasket is passing through from day to day.

--- Copy below this line -->
"sex with" "accused of" OR "charged with"
<-- Copy above this line ---

Note that the AND is automatically imputed to operatorless blank spaces by most search engines. Here are some of the results:
Like I said, it isn't as shameful as playing solitaire. The picture of my old suitcase is unrelated.

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