March 19, 2006

Smart-ass Richard Belzer

Belzer gets slammed by Ileanna Ros-Lehtinen
If you need further proof of how far out of touch with reality today's TV personalities are, Richard Belzer, who plays a bungling detective on "Law and Order: SVU" has it. I didn't see his performance on HBO's Real Time with creepy commie Bill Maher, but you can read about his insulting remarks about our soldiers at NewsBusters. To his eternal shame, Belzer said we needn't consider the soldier at the front's opinion regarding the prosecution of the war in Iraq because they are all just uneducated dimwits who "couldn't get a job" back home.

Thankfully, a fellow guest on Maher's pathetic 'show' was Congresswoman Ileanna Ros-Lehtinen, a Republican from Florida. Seems Ileanna has a son in the service, a son she didn't like to hear a sickly little schmuck like Belzer denigrate. The momma bear reflex, hard wired by God into Ileanna, came out and the wussy Belzer almost got smacked. I wish she had knocked the oh-so-cool shades right off of Belzer's festering face.
Update: The first comment on this post is from David Codrea of The War on Guns, who reminds me that not only is Belzer , "a real punk... he's anti-gun, too." I knew it, but I didn't know he was married to gun grabbing porno movie star, Harlee McBride.
Update II: Everyone wants to beat up on Mr. Belzer. This just in from Mike via DadGum: Belzer, a jerk since he was a "misfit" kid, once sued Hulk Hogan.

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