April 02, 2006

Divorce by subconscious

I've been requested by our blog captain to come up with a Sunday morning post. I've got less than an hour to do this so not much time to research or put much thought into it. Given those circumstances I've decided to do a default post which, by any other description, is an excuse to pick on Muslims. I know Muslims won't mind because they're known for their sense of humor and relish any opportunity to laugh at themselves.

In Jalpaiguri, India, we find Aftab Ansari who spoke the word 'talaq' three times while sleeping. Of course 'talaq' translates to 'I divorce thee'. Aftab and his wife, Sohela, couldn't keep this to themselves so they've been ordered to divorce. Apparently there are loopholes that would allow them to remarry but only after Sohela spends 100 days at her father's house, then sleeps with another man, marries him, and later on manages to get a divorce from him.

Aftab thinks all that his wife will have to go through because he couldn't keep his mouth shut while sleeping isn't unreasonable at all, but Sohela really doesn't want to leave her home and the husband she loves. Obviously I have no way at all of knowing what's going on but that needn't keep me from offering an opinion. Aftab wants to divorce Sohela but has been afraid to tell her to her face so he said 'the word' while pretending to be asleep, after which Sohela shook his ass awake and demanded to know what was going on. Aftab feigned mortification that such a word could come out of his mouth and confessed his distress to the religious authorities who gave him the resolution he had been secretly hoping for.

Muslims! You gotta love 'em. I wonder if Sohela's dad is going to be pissed off when his divorced daughter shows up for a hundred days.

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