May 14, 2006

Egypt Pyramids Offend Mohammed, Must Go!

Massive Infidel Religious Icons
Jawa Report tipped the old feeder to this BBC article exploring the conflict between the strict tenets of Mohammedanism and common sense. In particular, the precarious position of the important and priceless antiquities of Egypt. Should the land of the Pharaohs fall to the Jihadists, these great treasures would be jeopardized. No shit! The Islamofascist crowd is absolutely crazy and acts without regard to long-established human cultural norms for decency, respect and tolerance. Not only do they direct their zeal toward throat slitting and lady beating, they corrupt their very surroundings with the evil they believe. To wit: the ancient, priceless relics destroyed by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Taliban Cleansing of a Bamiyan Buddha
These fanatics are wreaking havoc all over the world in the name of Allah. Either Allah is a monstrous demon with a grudge against the earth and everything on it, or these Mohammedan cats have been totally deluded by a few madmen. I'm beginning to think it is a great deal of both. No god worth bending your knee towards would call for such idiotic destruction of human heritage. Such a god's priests would necessarily be madmen.

It would be as if the US fundamentalist Christians were to demand the destruction of all the dinosaur bones now in museums because they offend creationism. I don't think Americans would fall for such nonsense, even if all the preachers in America gave a sermon to that effect this morning. We are not, for the most part, fanatics. And the God we choose to worship isn't an evil demon.

If a "War on Islam" is what the Mohammedans want, then so be it. It is getting so you can't tell a Moslem from a terrorist, anyhow.

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