May 29, 2006

Nebraska kids taught French Work Ethic

French Workers
School Superintendent Patrick Cullen wants the kids in Brady, Nebraska to be ready for globalization. To get the little scholars in the right frame of mind, they will henceforth use a 'Four Day School Week'. This will help remedy the embarrassment of high productivity that makes us look haughty and arrogant to the rest of the lazy, underachieving world.

By incorporating the French work ethic in our schools, within a generation or two, Americans won't be looking down their noses at anyone. Now if we could just get American workers to drink a quart liter or two of wine with their lunch every day...
Even the Canucks understand: There is no need to work any harder than just enough to keep your economy from total collapse. Any more work is "too much". The rest of the world is fed up with Americans making them look like goldbrickers.
Addendum: Mr. Beamish at the Crank Files notes that our public schools are improving in one area: dhimmitude!

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