July 07, 2006

Tax and Spend - The American Way

Not Ben Nelson
David Hahn, Democrat party candidate for Governor of Nebraska, has been trying to make a proposed spending lid an issue in the campaign. Governor Heineman wouldn't take the bait. There has been a well-financed petition campaign to get a statewide spending lid in the news of late. The last day of the campaign saw David Hahn out on the street telling folks not to sign.

I don't know the details of the spending lid or if anyone actually believes it will cut taxes. The state will be spending damn little of my money, lid or not. I already have my own state spending lid. The petition campaign itself became a bigger public issue than the spending lid. People bitched about pushy paid signature gatherers from out of town pestering them wherever they went. I'll bet we Nebraskans see some changes made to the petition procedure before we see any real tax relief.

We know where Smilin' Dave Hahn stands on this issue. As a Democrat, any kind of limitation on the government's power to tax and spend is anathema. Most Democrat party pols would rather drink poison than to see any such limit actually reduced to law. Not when they can get away with paying lip service to fiscal resposibility and still get elected by hapless voters. The Democrat's constituency always seem to believe higher taxes will fall more heavily on someone else.
Ain't Democracy grand? You get to steal your neighbors' money and property so you can enjoy life a bit more. Who wouldn't want to participate?

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