July 10, 2006

Watch Your Step - Surveillance Cameras in Use

Watching Your Gait
Drudge linked a story today about new and improved surveillance techniques that are sure to get the civil libertarians squawking. First it was face recognition software that could pick 'persons of interest' out of a crowd. Cats with warrants were afraid to go to the Superbowl until they discovered they could stuff their cheeks with cotton balls make a face. at least I heard it would fool the camera.

Disguising your face won't work if your town cops are equipped with the latest in gait recognition software. I guess folks' gaits are as "individual as fingerprints", so even if you don't leave fingerprints or DNA, and wear a mask for the surveillance camera, your gait captured on video will enable a positive ID.

Now miscreants, scofflaws and terrorists who want to go to big sporting events will have to start sticking a pebble in one shoe or wearing someone else's orthotic insert. At least the bad guys won't be enjoying their surveillance. Imagine trying to eat nachos and drink beer with cotton balls in your mouth while the blisters on your feet throb.

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