August 10, 2006

Plans for Fidel Castro's Tomb Unveiled

Artist's Rendition of Castro Tomb
The Ministry of Revolutionary Monuments and Billboards in Havana today released several suggested plans for a fitting tomb for the ailing dictator, and asked the Cuban people to help select a winner. Not that he will need it any time soon, the Monumental Ministry's spokesperson emphasized.
We know that death is inevitable, and we want to be ready with a fitting tomb for El Lider when, decades from now, it is needed." The winning design will need to one that is not a gaudy, imposing bourgeois memorial, but one that is readily accessible by the common man. Therefore the Great Revolutionary Masses have been consulted in making a decision.
The concept drawing the most favorable comments from the Cuban public so far, pictured above, is an interactive monument with four continuous-flush open air urinals. The open air design was favored because it was felt that the visitors would want the world to see as they paid their respects to the fallen Revolutionary. The unique design permits up to four mourners to approach Castro's last resting place at once.

A few negative comments on the "Fidel-Pis" design have been heard from women's advocacy groups. They admit that it would be unladylike for them to honor Fidel's memory in the same manner as the men, but feel some accommodation should be made.

Seriously, the cats at Babalu Blog are continuing the death watch over the failing communist dictator. Or should I say, death wish! World events sometimes have a way of pushing important stuff like castro's continued suffering off the front pages and out of our minds. Just another reason to lick the Mohammedan Jihadis quickly; then we can go back to smashing communism and its evils full time.

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