August 15, 2006

Some of my best friends are profilers

Profile 'em, Danno!
The Brits talk like they might have seen the light on profiling. Wartime racial, ethnic, and associational profiling is always a good idea when the enemy is readily identifiable by analyzing such parameters. You have to step on some toes to win a war.

If the "Islamic Fascists", as President Bush has taken to calling them, are almost invariably followers of Mohammed, we should be watching them with suspicion. If they don't like it, they can cleanse their Mosques and Islamic Centers of the elements that bring such well-deserved suspicions down on their heads. That, or quit bellyaching when they get hauled out of line for special attention just for being Moslems.

It is wrong to ask those responsible for our security to refrain from using their judgment and common sense in carrying out their duties. Yet we have heard horror stories about senseless and risky PC behavior by our Homeland Defense officials. Blue-haired grannies searched while cursing young Arabs are passed without a second glance. They need to be replaced with folks who will put our National Defense before Political Correctness and tact. No more accomodating these murderous Mohammedans.
"Slow down, bud. What's that you got there, a Koran? You better come with me." Get used to it.

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