August 18, 2006

Submarine USS Wahoo wreck found

Wahoo Memorial Torpedo
From comes a story of interest to Nebraskans. Especially those who know what the Wahoo Memorial Torpedo in the front lawn of the Saunders County, Nebraska Courthouse in Wahoo represents. The wreck of the USS Wahoo has been found in the seas north of Japan, where she was sunk Oct. 11, 1943.

It has taken a while to ID the wreck, but folks associated with the submarine's memory are already discussing what should be done next. After all, the wreck is an iron coffin for the 79 men who died when the Japanese finally sunk the Wahoo. There are concerns that sport divers or Geraldo Rivera will exploit the site.

USS Wahoo
The Wahoo wasn't named after tiny Wahoo, Nebraska, but was adopted by the town with the Navy's approval. I always marvel at how really big the old courthouse torpedo is when seen up close. Wahoo has been more widely known as the Home Office of David Letterman's Late Show.

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