September 01, 2006

Omaha billionaire Warren Buffett marries mistress

Rich Casanova Buffett on a Cheap DQ Date
Warren Buffett, America's second richest man, has married his live-in mistress of nearly 30 years, Astrid Menks, in a civil ceremony in Omaha, Nebraska this past Wednesday. As you may recall, Buffett's first wife, Susan Thompson, passed away from a stroke about two years ago. Buffett married Susan in 1952 and they raised 3 children. They stayed married until death did them part. But Warren has been living with Astrid openly here in Omaha since 1977. The rich old dog kept both women happy longer than most men can keep one woman.

Old Mrs. Buffet: Susan - R.I.P.
Folks in Omaha, Nebraska like to tell stories about Warren Buffett, their resident billionaire, investment genius, and genuine oddball. Because he is generally considered an asset to the community, most of the stories are good-natured, and don't portray Mr. Buffett in a negative light. His holding company's annual shareholders' meeting is a big deal that adds big bucks to Omaha merchants' tills. We think he is eccentric. His enormous philanthropy is about all that gets him in the news. With a few minor exceptions.

The stories about his being an avowed atheist, a progressive lefty Democrat who says that Americans don't pay enough taxes, and his shacking up with Astrid while continuing his public marriage to Susan, have been generally glossed over locally. I guess Warren's daily doings really aren't any of our business, except that the cat is so rich he stands out. His political leanings, like those of any rich cat, are another matter. Buffet could easily be even more vexing than nut case George Soros. Warren's father, Howard, was a staunch Republican who served four terms in the US House of Representatives. I guess Warren was a true '50's rebel.

In the late 70's, Warren's wife Susan was itching to start a career as a cabaret singer. This would require leaving Omaha, notably free of cabarets. She knew Warren wouldn't want to follow her as she sought to 'find herself'. So Susan introduced Warren to Latvian immigrant Astrid Menks, a waitress at Omaha's French Cafe. (Yes we have one; be sure to ask for ketchup with whatever you order.) Susan then left Warren in Astrid's care to live in San Francisco to pursue her dreams. She aspired not only to cabaret singing, but also became a zealous pro-abortion activist as a result of her neo-Malthusian fears of over-population.

New Mrs. Buffet: Astrid
By all reports, Susan and Astrid were friends and were supportive of Warren's polyamory. Even such of their adult kids as we hear about seem happy with the way the ménage à trois was managed. Daughter Susie hosted her father and Astrid's wedding at her Omaha home.

Warren waited a respectable time before formalizing his relationship with Astrid. He didn't sneak around with Astrid behind Susan's back. It's pretty hard to make him out a cad. I don't agree with Warren Buffett's political views, but that isn't saying much. I hardly agree with anyone on politics. I have to admire his way with the ladies.
There already is speculation that Warren Buffett's recent announcement that he was giving all his money to charity amounts to a gigantic prenuptial arrangement. At least Mr. Buffett didn't shame Nebraska like another Warren has recently done to the LDS (Mormon) Church.
Barack Obama - Warren Buffet connection. It goes 'way back


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