September 02, 2006

Why isn't Fidel Castro dead yet?

Castro and Chavez Pray
Reuters has a new video out that purports to show Cuban dictator and communist murderer Fidel Castro looking much better than he did a few weeks ago when everyone was rooting for his bleeding ulcers. Maybe he's feeling better and maybe he isn't. You can't trust Reuters, of course.

Some folks believe Fidel's apparent sanguinity is due to the ministrations of Hugo Chavez' Venezuelan jungle ju-ju witch doctors. Don't believe it. The Plains Feeder has managed to get copies of the original, un-photoshopped still from the Reuters video. It is reproduced above and shows the infirm tyrant Castro studying the Bible as his friend Hugo prays fervently.

Click here to see the photoshopped Reuters version as seen on the Drudge Report today.
File under: When pigs pray

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