October 03, 2006

My other habit

The old feeder hasn't been slow to blog of late for no reason. It is harvest time here on the plains, and there is no shortage of work. Even for gentleman farmers, there is plenty to do in the fall. Besides mowing the grass, mending the roof, fixing storm windows and plugging mouse holes, there is the garden. And my other habit: eating.

The capsicums were good to me this year, as usual. I'll be eating hot all winter. My tomatoes were a near failure; a pesky wilt disease keeps them from producing more than I can eat. I have nice fruit all season, but not enough to can or share. I'll have a few green ones to store after the first freeze.

Feedlot Homemade Sausage
Genetically, the old feeder is half Norwegian. I ought to like stinking cheeses and rotting fish, but I prefer to eat OPC. (Other People's Cuisine) I'd rather have any Mediterranean dish, even pulpo Gallego or Moroccan cinnamon chicken, than dine like a Viking on lutefisk and lefse.

Once all my peppers are either set out to dry or pickled, there will be more time for the Plains Feeder. Meanwhile, I'm going to have a dish of linguini with the peppers, sausage and ripe tomatoes.

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