October 05, 2006

US seeks solution to China's laser attacks on spy satellites

Artist's conception of Ray-Ban's proposed laser defense
Everyone seems concerned about recent revelations that Communist China's grotesque totalitarian regime is trying to blind US spy satellites with powerful ground based lasers. The Chinese are using their Wal-Mart money on a military build-up based on the plans they got from former President Clinton. This includes new space warfare capabilities.

Some folks think the attempted (?) burning of our space eyes amounts to an act of war. Most likely there are some chicoms who think our spy satellites flying overhead is an act of war. Obviously, neither country seeks to go to war with the other in the near future. China wants to annex Taiwan like Omaha, Nebraska Mayor Mike Fahey wants to annex Elkhorn. They might try to take it by force if they thought the US would be afraid to help their Taiwanese friends avoid communist enslavement. It is an ugly balance of power. The Cold War continues.
When I want to spy on China, I use Google Earth's newest beta.

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