November 10, 2006

A Bloodless Revolution - or not

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The recent elections display once more that the United States remains one of the few places on earth where dramatic changes can occur at high levels of power within government without significant disruption of civility. There weren't any shootouts or assassinations. The military didn't decide they needed to step into the process. There was no real breach of the peace at all.

And once the seats of power are duly occupied by their new occupants, there won't be any of the previous occupants imprisoned or stood up in front of a firing squad. It hasn't been very long since these uncivilized behaviors were the norm everywhere. You can still find such undemocratic barbarities practiced in unpleasant nations like Germany.

The Germans want to prosecute outgoing US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. They claim their laws give them "universal jurisdiction". I'm subject to Kraut laws? I think not. If they think they are going to bring war crime charges against Rummy, well, I've got a list of former Nazi SS troops still sucking air in this world. Every last one of them should be tried first.
I should have looked here first: Before you go ballistic on Germany - Michelle Malkin

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