November 03, 2006

Canucks think Bush is dangerous

Our ignorant, ungrateful Canadian neighbors put their loonacy on display:
According to the EKOS poll, the U.S. President ranks third when it comes to who respondents felt represented the biggest threat - with 34 per cent of Canadians naming him. Osama bin Laden was considered the most dangerous, followed by the North Korea leader who's been in the news a lot lately over the North's underground nuclear test.
Where do the Canucks get ideas like this? From their newspapers? Their TV stations? Their schools?
BTW, the idiots at Toronto CityNews, where I got the poll story, mistakenly imply that the results show that Canadians rate GWB as the third most dangerous (ranks third). What the results actually show is that one third of Canadians think Bush is the number one threat.

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