November 25, 2006

Confronting Islam

Do you give a rat's ass about the war?
Who is the enemy in the War on Terror? For a nation at war, the US has had no luck identifying the object of our bellicosity. First it was Palestinian Terrorists and Moslem nations that cared about their alleged plight. Groups or parties like Hamas spread the cause across middle eastern borders. Other factions were added as they took action in sympathy with the Palestinians, e.g. the Red Brigade. Most recently the ranks of the enemy have expanded to include Islamic Fundamentalists or Jihadists, the most obvious example being Al-Qaeda.

President Bush, his tongue tied by overindulgence in Political Correctness, tried to lump them all together as Islamo-Fascists, an inappropriate moniker on many levels. I hardly need mention the absurd levels to which the international media establishment has taken Political Correctness. Check out the Aussie's Coax a Mohammedan to the Beach campaign, for example. The old feeder notes an increasing impatience with PC**. Maybe, some cats are saying, the enemy really is Islam. Not just Mohammedan fanatics, but Mohammedanism itself.

That is why the Plains Feeder has a new "Give a rat's ass" sidebar card suggesting that readers should care about the dangers inherent in ignoring the distinct possibility that Islam may not be a Religion of Peace. Perhaps their very core beliefs may be incompatible with civilized life. Quibbling among our infidel selves over fine points of PCness won't answer the question. We must confront Islam on this issue.

If we don't get the right answer, then it is time to put the whole institution of Islam on same enemy list with Hamas and Al-Qaeda.
** Evidence: Jay Tea at Wizbang says, "I think it is fair to refer to Islam as the "Roach Motel" of religions -- people check in, but they can't check out. It is the only major religion in the world today that treats "apostasy" -- leaving the faith -- as a capital offense, and practices that today."
Don't know your Koran or Quran well enough? Download eight parallel English translations here, in Word, PDF or HTML. More Islamic texts in English here. You'll be spouting verses like an Imam in no time!
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