November 07, 2006

Saddam's Death Sentence

US Soldier ties Saddam's Noose
US Soldier Ties Saddam's First Noose
The old feeder doesn't thing anybody deserves to be killed by the State. But he figures lots of bad cats have got it coming. Can you see the difference?

Q: Does former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein deserve to hang?
A: No.
Q: Why?
A: Hanging by the State is invariably inhumane. Civilized cats don't gang up to hang one another.

Lots of folks think this way for various reasons. Some cats still have the urge to kill, but mostly what they are teaching in our churches is forgiveness. However, these cats want to allow Saddam to escape the noose just because he doesn't deserve it. Not me.

I think Saddam should suffer having his sentence duly executed, even though he doesn't deserve it. I think he should get exactly what he has coming: a gruesome, short-rope neck stretching. If the monster should be put on display in jail, I believe he would become a folk hero like the French made out of Carlos the Jackal.

Mr. Hussein knew what the stakes were when he chose his path through life, and what would happen to him if he failed. Had little Saddam wanted to be a baker instead of a dictator, he wouldn't be looking at becoming a human piƱata today. Call it Karma or Divine Providence or just plain luck, Saddam will get what he has coming. And soon, I hope.

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