December 27, 2006

Holiday Dangers

A Christmas to Remember
I thought the Christmas holidays were unduly taxing just because I felt compelled to go to town a couple of times to buy a few traditional gifts. But for former Presidents Gerald Ford and Saddam Hussein, the holidays brought tidings from the grim reaper instead of Santa. Nobody that matters cares a whit about Saddam's neck. Think what you will about Ford, I always saw him as a real all-American cat. If he was mixed up in anything unsavory, it was as a dupe. Besides, he was born right here in Omaha.

The icy hand of death also fell on James Brown this Christmas. I'll admit that I never bought any of his recordings, but I certainly listened to my share of his stuff. Even if you didn't care for his music or thought that “bop and savage Negro music” ruined America, you must admit that the man made his presence known. As the IowaHawk points out, even the Rolling Stones didn't want to follow his act.

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