December 20, 2006

Previously Undiscovered Species found in Borneo

According to this National Geographic article, 52 new species of living things have been discovered on a recent expedition to Borneo. This is all well and good, but where is the balance? These new discoveries should be used to offset some of the more idiotic decisions our governments has taken in the interest of preserving known species. We could let the snail darter and the spotted owl go into the museum-y world of extinction, build our hydro dams and harvest needed forest products. We have new species to take their place.

I don't expect any such rational conclusion to result from these happy discoveries. The folks that want to see evolution frozen as if it were fait accompli are inherently unreasonable. Or stupid.
Slow blogging explained: the old feeder is recovering from successful home surgery on a monstrous two-headed ganglion (aka: mucous cyst) on my trigger finger. The slippery, clear knuckle-lube is now slowly oozing from the self-inflicted incision. This hurts my already dismal typing ability. I expect to return to full typing output in the next few days.

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