December 09, 2006

Senior Moment #674

X-Ray Shows Nothing
The old feeder has been busy redesigning a number of web sites. Since I don't use much more than a customized text editor, NoteTab Pro, the job requires some typing and all of what is left of my attention.

I say 'what is left' because losing my eyeglasses, my TV remote and my keys has become increasingly common as I grow older. Lately it has been the cordless telephone handset. At least the phone has a button on the base station that will make the handset beep.

Yesterday I misplaced my cordless keyboard. I was trying to cook and edit HTML while watching A Very, Very Long Movie. After I covered the rice, started the second Benito DVD, I sat down to type. No keyboard. I must have taken it with me when I left the console, because it wasn't anywhere in the room. Lucky for me, the keyboard is so big it only took a few minutes to find.

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