January 05, 2007

Weeding out the idiots

Darwin says: Let the kids play!
The main-stream media, already upset that Saddam Hussein was hanged expeditiously and publicly in less than a friendly and serene setting, now has another reason to condemn Iraqi justice. It seems several kids have been killed trying to copy Saddam's hanging at home. I don't see any problem with this development.

Growing up is dangerous for a good reason. According to the notion of natural selection, the fatal pitfalls of youth serve to eliminate the really stupid or unduly reckless of our offspring from the genetic pool. If kids get killed before they can breed, their bad tendencies are not passed on to pollute future generations. It is a good scheme, even if it ain't scientific and doesn't comport with the religious dogma du jour.

When we mess with this system, it bites back. For example: the invention of eyeglasses enabled the poorly sighted to find food and sex partners as well as those with naturally sharp eyes. The result is a population that can only be described as half-blind. It only took a few generations.
A number of folks were surprised when I grew up. The rest were pissed off.

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