January 07, 2007

What is in the truck at Port of Miami?

Besides middle-eastern men?
MiamiHerald.com reports a suspicious truck has been stopped at the Dante B. Fascell Port of Miami-Dade. It smells like terrorists; the cab's three "middle-eastern" occupants were arrested. Two of them were hiding in the sleeper. So far, nobody has mentioned what was in the semi-trailer. Fox News has more.
See: Wizbang for developing story and links to other blogs.
I forgot that the Miami Herald forces you to log in to read their special news. Here is what they are reporting now about the stuff in the container-trailer:
Federal sources said the manifest described the cargo was auto parts, but that is not what was found. Instead, authorities found two 55-gallon containers in the back of the truck.

Miami-Dade fire's hazmat unit was examining those containers.
Evidently port operations are disrupted.
Update: Seems the authorities say all is OK, no danger, etc. Gateway Pundit sums it up. Sleep tight, folks.

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