February 02, 2007

Political Science?

Al Gore: America's Trofim Lysenko
Stalin era agricultural science was infected with political correctness, much like our sciences of meteorology and climatology are becoming infected today. The politically correct science in the Lysenko affair turned out to be junk science, concocted to fit the ideological dogma of Marxism. The price the Russkies paid because their government embraced PC science was appalling. Scads of them starved. Real scientists were scourged, even sent to the Gulag. Will you wait until they come for your weatherman?
Even the junk science crowd is trying to co-opt the Lysenko disaster. These sinverguenzas will twist and re-write history to suit their needs. Now they want to re-write science to further their political ends. It is a sad day for real scientists and students of scientific methodology.

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