March 16, 2007

One dollar a pack is all they care?

Kid with an extra buck
I don't know which is worse, the cats that think it is their duty to run their neighbors' lives, or the politicians who pander to them. Iowa's Governor Chet Culver has signed into law a $1 a pack tax hike on cigarettes. Because Iowa government cares. Says Chet:
Iowa is sending a "bold message" that it takes the health care of its people, especially kids, seriously.
If Chet really cared about the health of Iowans, he would have pushed for a $10 or $50 per pack hike. Not many kids would smoke 'em then. Chet, why are you letting these kids fall through the cracks?

Regulation through taxation is a favorite ploy of liberal elitists that always know what is best for the unenlightened peons. This convoluted expression of social engineering is second only to the old-fashioned ban in popularity among the new establishment.
Note that the Iowans over at State 29 blog are Still Smokin'. They also have a smokin' picture!

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