April 19, 2007

He just couldn't help himself

Randell Poore - Child Molester
From KETV Channel 7 News in Omaha comes this sad story: Level 3 Sex Offender Charged Again With Sex Crimes. It seems to me that no amount of punishment or threatened punishment can deter these sick-os from messing with the kids. Even the shame of having your mug in the news has no effect. Because we think they can be fixed and re-integrated into society, we condemn ourselves to suffer the harm they cause.

I would suggest that these sex offenders, especially the pedophiles, need a place to be kept where they can't hurt us or our kids. Perhaps some will need to be institutionalized for life if they can't be fixed. We are too civilized to discard these broken clocks, so why not involuntarily commit them to an asylum? This relates directly to the previous post, in which I suggest that other broken clocks like the totally insane Virginia Tech shooter Cho Seung-Hui, should be detected and humanely committed to a modern insane asylum.

It is time to stop feeling so sorry for the Poore Randells among us that we fail to protect our kids.
Omaha Corrections Guy says you'll see Randell Poore in Hell. From a distance, I hope.

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