April 02, 2007

More Jesus abuse - where are the riots?

American wack-o artists just can't get enough Jesus. They won't be satisfied until Christians are finally fed up enough to run in the streets burning cars and threatening to behead non-believers.You can read about the latest effort, Presidential candidate Barack Obama, or Barry as his friends call him, in the modernistic form of Jesus here and here. Now, what were the real words to Louie Louie? With works like Piss Christ, Sweet Jesus and now Barack Jesus, the genre is becoming a "one note joke", says the Relapsed Catholic. As far as I know Obama is a Lapsed Moslem and sorta Christian. Alan Keyes says Jesus wouldn't vote for Barack.

The old feeder thinks it will take more than this kind of nonsense to piss the be-Jesus out of American Christians and drive them to riot. This kind of sacrilegious self titillation at the expense of Jesus isn't new, and has never been taken over seriously.

How many of you can recall singing this little drinking ditty? I have, in the spirit of the arts, changed the words to it from Be-boppin' Jesus to Be boppin 'Bama:
Be-boppin 'Bama, He's my Savior.
Be-boppin 'Bama, He's my Savior.
My Savior now, my Savior now,
My Savior now.
Now, if I could just figure out the real words to Louie Louie. Wasn't Jesus mentioned in that one?
YouTube has the original Be-Bop-A-Lula as performed by Gene Vincent on the Town Hall Party TV show in 1958. Town Hall Party also showcased the Collins Kids, DadGum's favorite.
More on the Church of Barack Soter from Iowa's very excellent State 29 blog.

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