June 06, 2007


If America loses the spirit that rid the world of the threat posed by national socialism in World War II, or relaxes the vigilance that stayed the threat of international socialism during the Cold War, then the next big war will be fought on our soil.

Don't forget the sacrifices our soldiers and our allies made this day. Don't forget the sacrifices all Americans made to the war effort then. Then ask yourself which of our would-be leaders will have the courage to call forth this same American spirit to rid the world of the threat of Islamic Jihad.

They say that if it weren't for Americans like those who stormed the beaches of Normandy, we'd all be eating sauerkraut with chopsticks today. Sixty-three years from now, will we all be eating goat with our hands, keeping the ladies in bags and bending our knees toward Mecca?
Fly your flag today. I won't be able to until the wind dies down.

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