June 24, 2007

Fred Thompson's Secret Weapon

Fred & Jeri Thompson
It is beginning to appear that Fred Thompson is quite a hit with the ladies. The girls I know like him too. Hillary Rodham Clinton (Mrs. Bill, as she prefers to be called) isn't going to win the female vote by default, as she had hoped. Fred has the Secret Weapon!
Some folks are calling this article, Old girlfriends cast their vote for Thompson, in the Sunday UK Times 'British humor'. I don't think so, nor is it a 'puff piece', as Spree thoughtfully explains at Wake up America. Spree's point: women appreciate chivalry.
Red State's Pejman Yousefzadeh calls the endorsements from Fred's former wives and girlfriends: "An Endorsement Of The First Rank." Pejman adds: "if I were running the Thompson campaign, I would get the ladies mentioned in this story to do a commercial together for Thompson."
Captain Ed says of the g/f endorsements: "If a man can move through the dating scene in DC and Hollywood without picking up any baggage at all, he's probably got the chops for high-stakes diplomacy, too. At the very least, it shows something about his character that will reinforce his image as a straight-shooting good guy."
The Instapundit weighs in with: Forget The Old Boys Network, Fred Thompson mobilizes the old girlfriends network.
Aside: Read about Fred the blogger in the Noisy Room.
Comment: "There'll be resistance. Althouse, in a video with Annie Gottlieb, tried to get the word going that Fred is 'ugly'." (DadGum)
My Reply: Izzatso? Look who is talking.

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