June 21, 2007

Good intentions, road to Perdition paved with.

Mazoora Ball
The old feeder has been sliding into town every night to watch the I-70 Series on cable TV. I root for the Royals in this match up, mostly because the Royals have their farm team here in Omaha. Not a big fan of college baseball, I don't follow the College World Series happening right down the road from the feedlot.

As for the captioned good intentions, I planned to get up early this morning and post the first installment of my threatened analysis of the 2008 Presidential candidates. Last night's Cardinals - Royals squeaker ran 14 innings. This was far past my bedtime on a good intentions for the morning night. The answer to the burning question about Mitt Romney and his fat chance to move to the White House will have to wait.
As if to punish me, my internet connection failed just as I hit the Publish button. Where are my nerve pills?

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