July 03, 2007

Dr. Mohammed?

Mohammedan Doctors: leaning toward Jihad?
Political correctness can kill. If our desire to be nice to Moslems gets in the way of determining which of them wants to kill us, then it is time to quit being so damned nice to them. We need to check them all out thoroughly, and throw them out or in jail if there is the slightest chance they have Jihad leanings.

The muderous Mohammedan Doctors in London are but one example.

The stakes are too high for us to take risks just to appear more civilized than the terrorists. Clearly, we are more civilized than the Mohammedan fanatics, but letting them worm their way into our confidence just to get a chance to kill us is a mark of stupidity, not civility. We don't have to 'cut their heads' or burn their mosques, because we are more civilized. But we need to do something to ferret out these Jihadists and neutralize them before they strike.

Much more of this crap and Americans will call for loyalty oaths and Mohammedan internment camps. What else can we do? Sit and wait for them to destroy our country?
Update: Read Vicar White's e-mail about his meeting with an Iraqi al Qaeda leader in Jordan:
He told me that they were going to start killing in the UK then the USA. One sentence I remembered but did not understand was "those who cure you will kill you".
Americans ought to heed this warning. I doubt if Political Correctness will allow the US to lift their o-so-tolerant heads out of the sand in time. We will get more Dhimmitude, like the simpering Gordon Brown, Britain's new Prime Minister and their new Home Secretary Jacqui Smith:
The low-key Smith also stands in contrast to her pugnacious predecessor, John Reid, whose tough talk on terrorism was sometimes criticized for inflaming ethnic and religious tensions. In a speech to lawmakers Monday, Smith called terrorists "criminals whose victims come from all walks of life, communities and religious backgrounds." Brown has spoken of "al-Qaida" attackers but not of "Islamic" or "Muslim" terrorists.

Instead of announcing new anti-terror legislation—as Blair and Reid did after the July 7 bombings—Brown has said he wants to work with opposition politicians to build a consensus on what steps to take.

"This is not the time for rushing into new legislation," said Brown's official spokesman, Michael Ellam.

There is evidence the public approves of Brown's cautious approach.

"I'm impressed with the fact that (Brown) and Jacqui Smith speak pretty calmly," said Londoner James Freeman, 32. "They're focusing on terrorists as criminals, rather than people of a religious persuasion. I think (Brown) is going to continue to stand firm."
[my emphasis]
For myself, I plan to avoid Mohammedan care-givers. How do I know they aren't doing the work of their twisted religion of death by infecting their patients or some other means less dramatic than car bombing? What about the Mohammedan Dr. Tahir Javed in Fremont, Nebraska that infected numerous patients with hepatitis C? Maybe Dr. Javed didn't have the courage to set himself on fire, but...

You can call it racial profiling if you want. I call it terrorist profiling. What is your Doctor's name?

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