August 22, 2007

Just another pretty face?

Tuesday Weld
The young feeder spent many hours thinking about Tuesday Weld. The other day I decided I would publish a picture of her when she was young and beautiful. Ms. Weld has had an interesting life, to be sure, but I fell for her when she was still a teen-ager.

The photo I liked was posted at a "Boomer's Pinup" web site, but it looked as though it had been scanned from an old faded magazine. What have I spent my early morning hours doing? Restoring the old picture of Tuesday Weld with Paint Shop Pro. Here is the picture as I found it.

What say you? Was I wasting my time?


  1. Unauthorized post of Tuesday Weld Picture at:
    </p><p>Picture from a restored and privately owned scrapbook saved since the 1950s - NOT FOR USE ON OTHER WEBPAGES.
    </p><p>Banner links provided to web pages at:
    </p><p> </p>

  2. Sorry, Guest. I atrributed where I found it and claim 'Fair Use'. Sue me if you like.


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