August 03, 2007

Who looks at Hillary's cleavage?

Hillary's Lard Sculpture Bust
I was sickened to see the continuing public fascination with the fact that Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi sometimes wear clothing that reveals the upper portions of their breasts. The term cleavage has been loosely applied to the phenomenon.

It was funny at first, but the continuing fixation on these two pairs of breasts is disturbing. It is so pervasive that CBS News Tart Katie Couric is concerned. Even oversexed teenage boys with X-Ray Gogs wouldn't want to look at these wizened old babes.

Now here is a candid picture of Hillary using a part of her anatomy in a manner that potential voters have good reason to be concerned about. How does she do it? How will she apply this talent to the Presidency?

Men's room of a Georgetown bar
The old feeder is taking a couple of days off to visit relatives in Iowa. Back next week.
The girls tell me that peeing like this is called taking an Arkansas whiz.

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