September 13, 2007

LA Times does Nebraska

No beefsteaks for TJ Simers
Los Angeles Times sports columnist T.J. Simers reports from Middle of Nowhere, Nebraska. Hard work seems to be a way of life in Nebraska he opines. Nebraskans are so out of touch with the real world (represented by Los Angeles) that "They think life is just swell here".

He visited with some of the folks he routinely insults as "corn cobs", "corn-fed porkers" and "big-butted women" who have "nothing to look forward to in (their lives) other than a Saturday afternoon football game." It seems Max and Debbie Emerton, who live near Taylor, NE invited him for a view of the empty, wretched existence we call our lives. From the Grand Island Independent:
"He told us that it doesn't matter how nice we are, how smart we are, he's going to portray us the way he wants to," Debbie said, adding with a laugh, "It's not going to be good."

The Emertons' strategy on Tuesday? Show Simers a good time, play along with his barbs and don't stress too much about coming off well.

"If you don't let him get under your skin, he's probably just like anybody else," Max said.
Thats where the Emerton's went wrong. I've been to Los Angeles. They aren't just like us.
Life is swell here. Swollen ankles, mostly. On the big-butted women.
Update: From the NE FakePaper StatePaper:
The Los Angeles Times sports columnist who provoked so much anger and state pride in Nebraskans was having a pretty easy time of it Friday night at Misty's in Lincoln's Havelock neighborhood.
Who wouldn't have a good time at Misty's when the place is packed with lovable Husker fans?

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