September 02, 2007

Slow/No Blogging Explained

Family medical emergency. The old feeder's father found himself winded, nauseous and ready to quit after playing only 5 holes of a golf tournament. It was on one of those scorching hot days last month, but after taking a break and cooling off, he still didn't feel well. At the emergency room he was diagnosed with pneumonia. Then an x-ray showed a spot on his lung. Upshot: the old cat had a single lobe of his right lung removed surgically last week.

My father is a tough old soldier who has kept himself in shape over the years. He came through the surgery like a champ, and the spot wasn't cancer, but some kind of cyst or something that was blocking his airway and caused the pneumonia. He is recovering in a fine, new hospital in South Dakota, where thoracic surgery is their specialty.

The old feeder has been a nervous wreck. I went to stay at his bed side until he was back to his old cantankerous self. He will probably recover in time to go to Florida for winter golfing. I don't know how long it will take me to get over several days of eating only hospital food, instant coffee and Snickers bars.

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