November 09, 2007

Internet predator and child rapist John Monetti sentenced

John H. Monetti
Internet predator, child rapist, former school teacher, principal, fireman and riding coach John H. Monetti of New York was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison for two counts of traveling across state lines to Blair, Nebraska with intent to engage in a sexual act with a child.

The formerly well respected Long Island man was also was ordered to pay $31,000 to cover fees and for counseling for his underage victim. Monetti will have five years of supervised release after he serves the full 12 years.

This ends, for now, an ugly chapter in the annals of Nebraska child rape law. It would appear that our state prosecutors have wised up to Nebraska's miserable catch and release system of dealing with sexual deviants that harm our kids. To get justice, or at least to get these foul miscreants off our streets, we must rely upon the Federal Department of Justice. One may hope Mr. Monetti will not re-offend when he gets out, but...
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