November 08, 2007

Kids at risk as Nebraska's child molesters get off easy

Josh Barney's second arrest in four years for using the internet to entice little girls to have sex with him should be a wake-up call for Nebraskans. This ugly predator was busted last Tuesday by the Nebraska State Patrol Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Unit. The evidence is pretty clear to me, child molesters can't be controlled by anything but life in prison or the death penalty

Jail can't change them, treatments don't work, fear of social stigma has no effect and yet our Nebraska courts routinely put these creeps back on the street. I'm sure most folks won't agree, but I'm for throwing these defective humans away. They are going to be dangerous to kids as long as they live. The damage they do to kids is so awful we shouldn't take any chances. Until we know how to stop these abhorrent aberrations from going right back to their old ways, they should not be allowed to mix with the rest of us.

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