November 30, 2007

Mohammed Teddy Bear not so bad

Jawa's photo of Teddy Mohammed
The Mohammedan fanatics in the Sudan are calling for the public execution of British teacher Gillian Gibbons. The awful crime that has lynch mobs rioting in Khartoum and other Sudanese towns: allowing her students to name a mascot Teddy Bear "Mohammed". The infidel instructor has allegedly been moved to a more secure location, and the Brits are all a-twitter over her conviction this week.

Some folks think its time to laugh at Sudan and the Mohammedans. Those wacky Islamic Rage Boys, at it again! Others don't think this latest outpouring of hate from the religion of murder is so funny. But nothing is so unfunny that Nebraskan's won't make fun of it.

Mohammed and his favorite wife, Fatima
One of my neighbors who raises hogs had the idea to make over his swine production operation using a Mohammedan Fanatic theme. To start with, he renamed his meanest boar after the Jihadist's prophet himself, Mohammed. All the other hogs have been given Arabic-sounding names, like Fatima, Mohammed's bosomy favorite. The two are pictured above. What a couple!

Mohammed's Harem
Of course, Mohammed has many wives, some of them barely old enough to breed, but even the Prophet has to work on the farm. I don't think he minds "makin' bacon" every day. As long as he keeps knocking them up, he stays out of Mohammedan Jihadist swine paradise.

The newly renamed Grand Mosque
Some of the lucky pigs at this big hog farm get to stay indoors most of the time. We call this method of raising hogs confinement, but as you can see, the pigs love the chance to socialize while they eat. This particular building was renamed The Grand Mosque, another confinement facility is now the Dome of the Hock.

We're laughing all the way to the pack.
Get yer fatwas right here. Are you on the list?
Why is Sudan sometimes called The Sudan? Its official name is The Republic of The Sudan.
Obliquely Related: My Dad e-mailed a copy of this pig story to me today.
Updated: From WorldNetDaily: "Bill Keller, host of LivePrayer, has posted a video on YouTube featuring a pink pig named Muhammad after the Muslim prophet." It's just a stuffed animal, but its the thought that counts.

This idea seems to be catching on with pork producers, packing houses and now churches. No harm done. Mohammedan fanatics don't eat pork, so they can't very well boycott it. They wouldn't be caught dead in an evangelical Christian church, so they can't hold back when the plate is passed.

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