December 15, 2007

Fevered rambling

You can almost see the mee-ul from here
I'm still itchy. Chicken-pox is really nasty on a senior citizen like the old feeder. I figure it will be another week before I can sit still for much of anything. Not being presentable in public, I'm reduced to ordering the few Christmas presents I do give on the internet. Maybe someone will steal my identity. I'll make them keep it. Here are a few thoughts rattling around in my fevered head.
This is my store. If I insist that you order in Norwegian, then you must order in Norwegian or go elsewhere.
One of the old feeder's pet peeves is crypto-racism. When someone promotes overtly racist policies in the name of some cause other than racial supremacy or genocide, I say they are practicing crypto-racism. For example racist policies are often justified as advancing racial equality or integration. I don't need to list the racist hucksters and shakedown artists working the spread on the racial divide these days.

Crypto-racists are legion, and find their most advantageous positions in the public sector. One area where the crypto-racist mentality poses a serious threat to the future of our Republic is public education. Read this article. Being poor (read: non-white) doesn't make kids stupid. Bad schools make kids stupid. These school administrators are crypto-racists. They are working a profitable scam by oppressing non-whites, but they they wouldn't admit to being racists in a million years. Even the newspapers wouldn't admit it, as evidenced by their disingenuous use of the word poor.
John Edwards doesn't deserve a complete "Whats wrong with..." post. I say this because he almost certainly will not top the Democrat ticket in the 2008 election. That being said, here is my view of the candidate.

John Edwards is an enigmatic, hypocritical, pandering, parasitic inciter of economic class divisiveness. Everything about this posturing pretty-boy seems fake. The enigma is that I can't see any motive for his seeking high office. I guess you need substance to support motive. I almost feel sorry for his wife.
Update 12/18/07 8:30 PM - Rumors are flying that John Edwards has recently knocked up a lady not his wife. If this is true, he's finished.

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