December 10, 2007

Waterboarding - more fun than it sounds

Apologies to them whose e-mails I have not answered and whose blogs I haven't read for a week. The old feeder has been afflicted with an itch to lay on his back in a flooded bathtub, cover his face with a wet towel and pour pitchers of water over it. While I can see why some might consider the continuous repetition of this (cover face, pour water, repeat) a reason to spill the beans, for me it has been a relief.

If I really wanted to torture someone without using violence, I'd infect them with chicken-pox, wrap them in wool blankets and prevent them from scratching until they nearly pass out. Let them scratch a few minutes, then restrain their hands again. They soon would be begging for a soothing waterboard with a bit of baking soda added. And talking a blue streak.
Also on the disabled list is Jeffro of the Poor Farm. His recent run of "piss poor health" makes adult chicken-pox seem like a day at the beach.

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