February 15, 2008

Democrats not all happy with their candidates, either

Christopher Cooper's column appears in the Wiscasset Newspaper in Maine. This week he offers an insightful analysis of the 2008 election process from a genuinely liberal point of view. He covers all the action to date, both Republican and Democrat. He says his own choices don't satisfy. The column even reveals a respect for Fred Thompson when he was in his mysterious ascendancy. I knew the libs were afraid of Fred! Its a good read, here are some excerpts:
I have enjoyed this marvelous extended primary season.
The GOP, however often and greatly it has failed us, deserves at least full credit for taking up the slack in our entertainment schedule caused by the writer's strike.
Hillary (which is what all her signs say, probably so as to not remind us of any previous Clintons we might have known) is slightly more liberal than Ronald Reagan was.
So the numbers are coming up for Barack Hussein Obama. And Good God, doesn't the press love him! Oh, Bama! He's such an inspiring speaker! He's so charismatic! He's like a Kennedy! Exactly. They told us this amazing young politician from Illinois would speak at the 2004 Democratic convention. He would astound us with his insight and rhetoric. I listened. I watched. I heard a thin, vague speech which left me with no particular inspiration and no clever language to take to work the next day and marvel over with my co-workers.
Is "Better Than Bush" a good campaign slogan? Is it a proper standard?
Mr. Cooper's I Can't Get No (Satisfaction) piece reads like a bizarre reflection of the complaints I hear in the parallel world of conservatism of late. Its all an illusion. When you wake up, you will feel refreshed. You will remember nothing.
Afterthought: Cooper might well have asked if Better Than McCain would make a good campaign slogan. Bush isn't running. Your eyelids are getting heavy...

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