February 25, 2008

Letter to Nebraska Governor Heineman Re: Smoking Ban

For our local readers: here is a copy of a letter the old feeder sent off to Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman urging him to veto the state-wide smoking ban passed by the Unicameral:
Don't let the 'public health' argument outweigh the 'property rights' argument in deciding to veto the smoking ban or not.

Can't the legislature use the 'public health' argument to justify banning anything harmful? Like potato chips or butter? Where does that rationale lead us?

The regulation of everyday life law!

We aren't a communist state. Nobody is forced to work under smoky conditions. Medical doctors change their minds all the time. (Remember when eggs were bad for you?) Property rights are enshrined in the US Constitution and our State Constitution. The public health argument stems from court decisions and acts of legislatures.

Please let the Constitution prevail in this case; veto the smoking ban.
If you live in Nebraska and think property rights ought to be preserved, send your message to Governor Heineman TODAY!
Reminder: From reader Paul Bachmann "In addition to the governor, we need to write our state senator. The bill passed with 34 votes, it only takes 30 to over ride a veto."
Updated: Governor Hieneman gives in to the ban-everything unpleasant gang, signs this ill-conceived, anti-freedom bill. This does much to knock the shine off my view of the Governor. Whats next, Dave? Second-hand cooking odors?

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