February 08, 2008

The UK's "no-go" zones - Sharia in the 'hood

Your local Mosque parking lot: inevitable Sharia
The Archbishop of Canterbury, the head of the United Kingdom's official state religion, is getting raked over the coals these days. Dr. Rowan Williams is accused of calling for Islamic law, aka Sharia to be incorporated into the British legal system. Maybe he meant something else, that Sharia is in some sense inevitable.

It isn't just that Sharia is a primitive and brutal system of laws requiring horrific punishments, it is the generally recognized crimes that go unpunished under Sharia that also make its application anywhere unwise. It is already putting down roots in the UK, especially in the Mohammedan enclaves the Archbishop has called "no-go zones" for non-Moslems. There are those who would see this same corruption brought to Canada and the US.

To alloy Sharia with English common law corrupts what is arguably the most civilized legal system ever used on the planet. If sensible people everywhere do not resist the spread of this fanatical religious law, it will insinuate itself into your own home town sooner or later. You won't like it.

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