March 14, 2008

Roots: Barack Obama's Christian Faith

Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. with Barry-O
Are you one of those racist paranoiacs who worry that Barack Obama might actually be a vile Mohammedan fanatic who despises America and the American way? Did you get a twinge to hear that Mr. Obama's wife has never been proud of the USA? Well, you can stop worrying.

Here is proof that Barack and his family are bona-fide regular members of a genuine, certified Christian Church right here in the heartland. Why would the Obamas need to join some outlandish foreign church when they can find a fiery America-hating, Jihadist-loving, crypto-racist Mainstream Christian Church right in their home town?

Watch this clip of Barack and Michelle Obama's minister of Jesus at work. Reverend Jeremiah Wright Jr. spews hatred for America as well as the best Mullahs anywhere. Christians need look no farther than the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, Illinois to get their weekly pulpit-full of anti-American vitriol. The Reverend Wright has twisted the words of Jesus to conform with the fanatical Mohammedan's hateful world view, almost point for point.

I know I'll sleep better tonight, secure in the belief that our next President isn't a Mohammedan fanatic. He is a good old-fashioned Christian, just like most Americans. Roll over Mohammed!
Louis Farrakhan, the wacky Black Mohammedan Nation of Islam fruit, supports Barack Obama's candidacy, but Barack minimizes Loco Louie's sway over him by pointing out just what a mainstream Christian he really is. Hussein is nothing but a middle name Mr. Obama didn't even select for himself. Barack's pastor Jeremiah and his church represent the candidate's own chosen faith. BTW, Rev. Wright hangs out with Imam Farrakhan, even traveling to Libya with him to engage in treachery with that great religious leader Muammar Khadaffi.
Take a walk on the wild side, boomers. Vote Obama in 2008. And the colored cats go: God Damn America!

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