April 28, 2008

Peg-Eye Nate's Really Deep Thoughts

Peg-Eye Nate blogs over at The Conservative Cat, and is renowned for his really deep thoughts. Here is the latest from a young fellow with his head screwed on straight:
The human species did not get where it is by being passive; rather, we got where we are because in some point in our history, someone discovered that when you hit something in the head with a sharp rock it doesn't get back up.
I wonder if there were any pacifists in his or her 'society' who wanted to Ban the Sharp Rock? As human nature hasn't changed all that much since then, there must have been some cave-wussies that thought the sharp rock was a bad thing. I suspect early rock grabbers' sharp rock bans were to blame for our near extinction 70,000 years ago.
The picture isn't of Nate. Nate is somewhat more suave, and wears a mustache.

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