May 22, 2008

Canada gets one right: kicks out US deserter

Corey Glass - US Military Deserter
The Canadians finally get something right. From Hot Air:
During the Vietnam War, Canada gave refuge to as many as 90,000 draft dodgers and thousands of deserters from the United States, treating them as immigrants and refusing extradition requests from the US government. When the Iraq War began, scores of deserters traveled across the border, expecting a similar reception. Yesterday, the Canadian government gave them a rude awakening:
They are going to kick at least one, perhaps more, of the numerous shameful US military deserters out of the country, presumably to face desertion in time of war charges back in the homeland they betrayed. Read the smirking coward's 'explanation' for his treachery:
I went to Iraq because I was ordered to, like I did what they told me to do, but I started feeling way too wrong about it," Glass told 12 News' Investigative Reporter Colleen Henry. "I could talk to certain people, but I couldn't dig too deep to find out some things, like changes from like civilians being like, killed, to like, so now they're insurgents. How does that change?"

Glass now sits chain-smoking in a Toronto, Canada apartment with other American servicemen who've walked away from war, their way of life and their world.

"I tried to tell them I couldn't do it anymore. I didn't think it was right," Glass said. "They weren't taking any of it. They were just thinking I was getting stressed out. They said, 'You're getting stressed out,' and send me home. (I was) on leave for like two weeks. I told them I wasn't coming back. I never showed back up.
I hope the miserable rat winds up in front of a military firing squad, but what are the chances of that happening is today's wussified, wah-wah PC world? Instead, he'll probably end up sitting in the token whitey chair next to President Obama's hateful wife at Barack's first State of the Union address. After he gets a welcome home hero parade from the anti-war left.

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