May 04, 2008

Mannie Leibovitz and the Naughty Nymphette

Miley Cyrus as "Art"
When an adult male queer gets young men to expose themselves sexually under color of "art photography", I'd be inclined to call it child molestation. When the boy's parents not only agree to the lewdness, but prosper therefrom, I'd call it child abuse. Why should it be any different if the child is female and the photographer is an aging bull dyke? Isn't the result kiddie porn of one degree or another?

Mannie the Molester
"Take off your top, Miley..."
So much for the old feeder's thoughts on the Miley Cyrus - Annie Leibovitz flap. Since Miley's parents agreed to her being debauched by horrible old Manny, (they were present at the photo shoot) I figure its a lost cause. Nobody is going to get in trouble for this nonsense; nobody really cares. One more little girl's chances for a normal life shot to hell. Perhaps its just the price of liberty. Or a sign of the times.
Mythical nymphets as art.
Afterthought: The high-school old feeder, posing as an ordinary teen-age shutterbug, used to volunteer to help the school photographer take the yearbook portraits. Our school had the ladies draped for a consistent visual theme. I got to adjust the girls' drapes before the shoot. In those days, I had to take my thrills where I could find them.

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