June 08, 2008

I couldn't sleep at all last night

Updated: The tornado damage in Omaha was
worse than it seemed at first.

Last Night's Storm
A small tornado zipped through the Omaha, Nebraska area last night. I can't hear sirens (or anything else) once I'm asleep, but a soaking rain coming in through the window and onto my bed woke me up. After that, sirens from Omaha and several other little bergs nearby kept me awake. There was some storm damage: a few roofs damaged, signs knocked over, trees uprooted and power outages, but I don't think anyone was badly injured. The churches ought to be full this morning.
Bobby Lewis - 1961
I couldn't sleep at all last night
Just a thinking of you..
Baby things weren't right
Well I was tossin and turning
Turning and tossin
Tossin and turnin all night..
We simply must stop annoying the wind gods or this will only get worse.

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