June 07, 2008

Obama Posters

Another Retro-style Obama Poster
The fascination of the US left with the Korda photo of the dead filthy communist murderer Che Guevara, combined with attempted revivals of old campaign and propaganda posters has produced in some bizarre results lately. I linked a Stalinesque Hillary poster, but most of the fun has emanated from the the Barack Obama campaign. Like this Che-Obama photoshop, made here at the feedlot.

Michell Malkin has featured the new iconic Obama posters by Shepard Fairey on numerous occasions. This poster actually asks the viewer to photoshop it, and Michell features the results here (noting the Che connection), here (with arugula), here (BO as liberal snob), here (the dope of hope), and even one of the old feeder's efforts here. Flopping Aces also featured some of the CheBama silliness here.

To keep the ball rolling, the old feeder has started work on a series of Barack Obama posters based on classics from the past. My first effort appears at the top of this post. For the old campaign poster that inspired this minimalist, Bauhaus-ish piece, just click here.
Now that the Hillary Rodham Clinton threat has been reduced to a recurring nightmare I have of her sitting on the Supreme Court, I won't be making any posters for her.

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